Northcote does good apricots, maybe it's the soil, maybe it's the hill, maybe it's the angle of the sun... who knows. What I do know is that many moons ago in my first house in Helen street we had a magnificent old apricot tree that filled the neighbourhood coffers every summer. Then some complete knob developing the block next door hacked off the half that dared venture over the fence and the poor thing died. Bloody developers. So when the Architect and I first walked into the backyard of our what would become 'the new house' and I saw an old apricot tree I was well excited. That was until the real estate agent told us it had only produced a meagre crop of tiny fruit last summer. Ever the optimist, I spent the winter tending, trimming and feeding the tree, hoping that I could cajole it back to its best.


And Saints be Praised it would seem that the combination of TLC and a most excellent dowsing by record beating Spring Rains have rewarded us with heaving boughs laden with juicy golden orbs... (ewww that kind of went very wrong very quickly didn't it) Anyhoo... we've sampled a couple from the top of the tree and they taste as delicious as they look. Now we've just got to battle the birds and the bugs for the rest of the harvest. Wish us luck.


pen said...

better get the italian bird nets out!!

Beck said...

out of our hair and onto the tree!

dell said...

oooh so jealous!

beck said...

After all that hard work you can't let the birdies get them! Buy a net from the hardware store and fang it over the tree. Bobs your uncle! Lots of fruit. We did this last year to our apple tree and it worked a treat. We also have an apricot tree but it hs hardly ever fruited, I thought maybe you need two trees for it to fertilise. Who knows? not me. Enjoy your delicious apricots! x