paper planes

yes, we love a free pattern to play with here at hml. And this week, now that i'm back at work in the office,  I found mmyself wandering through the ether looking at some of my favourite things to do with the recycling paper pile next to the photocopier. I love the paperfoldables site. Lots. Brian is a complete genius if you ask me, and i'm putting him up there as the zen master of indie-origami (a new genre I think I just invented). Just look at this cardboard typewriter he made for canal publishing...

I love even more that today he's given me the ammunition to amuse myself enormously by downloading this hilarious mustachioed hipster in skinny jeans and kanye shades, straight from his site to sit atop my own computer at work.

And who knows, what with Celebrity Masterchef starting this week (and yes we ladies are VERY EXCITED) I might even be inspired to whip up both the seriously stereotyped italian chef for me and senior baguette for Ramona. If only he made a Matt Preston foldable we'd be all set for tomorrow night.

Not that i'll be doing any of this during work hours of course... honest boss.


Amy said...

i do it during work hours. so does my boss. i made a turkey! it's the center piece of our backroom.

pen said...

I love M. Baguette!

Beck said...

he iz sooo full of zee attitude no?