under the bridge downtown

It's the 13th annual DUMBO festival, and we wish we were in Brooklyn (again!) and not just because it would enable Ramona to sit awestruck in the audience of the Martha show in her downtime. I was lucky enough to see a very crazy John Zorn 'radical improvisation' night of sound performance featuring Mike Patton, 20 marshall amps and an assortment of crazy manipulated microphones at what I remember being early dumbo fest event which of course made me feel suitably hip and very underground at the time (but ok I was a lot younger and more impressionable, and perhaps a little influenced by hazy substances back then). These days thnkfully you dont need to be either or even need to travel all the way to NYC to enjoy what the festival has to offer... you can check it all out online here  and follow the links to see it all via flickr, podcast or our beloved youtube. We love Molly Dillworths idea of creating roof top paintings to be viewed via google earth, Kell Condon’s Boxes/Seconds which record one second of NYC’s total yearly curbside cardboard through pinhole cameras made from that very cardboard and Nelson Loskamp’s Chaircut which features free electro-sonic, haircuts via amplified scissors.

dream weaver

Dani Marti has another gem of a show on at Arc One Gallery entitled Time is the Fire in Which we Burn. In 2007 we loved the faux pearl work "Pleasure Chest" so we were excited to see what new work he'd come up with. We're very happy to report that alongside the usual explorations of woven rope and rubber this time we've got a brilliant piece that at first glance appears to be an oversized lichen and mould landscape up close however you see that it's constructed entirely from a comibinaton of steel and copper scrubbing pads. Genius.
Until October 17 @ Arc One Gallery Flinders Lane, Melbourne

on the big screen
dress to impress

As you all probably know by now the Valentino biopic The Last Emperor, chronicalling the man with the tan's last year at the helm of the house of Valentino, is on at just about every cinema in town. Those who haven't yet made it into the cinema should do so, immediately. We know that there's also District 9 to see (yeah we're total sci-fi nerds too) but before you get there get some of this and be reminded of what Fashion is really about: brilliantly eccentric overly tanned middle aged italian men and their pugs.

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