C'mon Baby, Eat the Rich

Unless you've been living under the probverbial rock, you'll know that the wait is finally over and tonight is most definately the night... That's right people Celebrity Masterchef begins on Channel Ten at 7.30pm EST. We, and thousands of food loving dorks like us, will be found eyes glued to the telly, phones off the hook, watching both famous and infamous battle nerves, pressure tests and mystery box challenges all while trying to please the discerning palettes of three of our favourite gentlemen in Australia... No make that the World. In honour of the evenings proceedings we will all be donning the cravat at HML HQ (and yes that includes all interns, partners, siblings, mothers, and pets). We've even inlcuded this ever so polite (and dubiously soundtracked) instructional  How To Tie A Cravat video for you to follow, on the off chance that you may also want to make like Mr Preston and tie one on, so to speak.

Who knows, get it right and Gary might even reward you with a top score.

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thought 15 said...

can someone tell me...do chef's get more dates?