Latch hook rugs, they're not for everyone apparently because I keep finding half finished ones in op-shops. Ramona still wont talk about her own childhood latch hook 'incident', so i'm figuring that many people seem to have issues with them. Me, I cant get enough, although I do wish I could find some made out of actual 'wool' instead of the weird seventies acrylic simulacra that all mine seem to be made from... it's itchy.


pen said...

agggghhhhh (rocking back and forward)
latch hook..... evil......
(nasty incident with a grass green and pink floral rug, never finished, pure itchy rug wool though)

Anonymous said...

Eeek! Year 8 Textiles with Mrs Omond revisited!

We did a whole unit on rug making, I never got the hang of the latch hook, but it was somehow less stressful than the rag rug, all plaited up and sewn together, which reduced me to a puddle in the sewing up stage.

I believe there's a law against using natural fibres in latch hook rugs, so if you find any you'll have to hide them.

Beck said...

see I told you people get twitchy with the merest mention of latch-hook... i'd love to know if there are actually any contemporary latch-hookers out there, or if the craze was the 'bedazzler' of the seventies... or perhaps the srapbooking of tomorrow ;)