selling out

Well that's it people, its a sell out! We did tell you that these were a VERY limited edition and the above are final hurrah, the last two cabs off the rank, the very end of the custom covered versions of I MAKE STUFF, over, done and dusted. Thanks to all who forked over their hard earned pesos to make one their own... we really appreciate it and hope you're loving them. For those who missed out we're very sorry (although our stiff little fingers may not be) rest assured regular copies can still be found at Cottage Industry, Craft Victoria, Artisan Books and of course online from the hml shop.


pen said...

hip hip hooray!
hurrah hurrah hurrah!
well down ladies! I would have given up ages ago!

handmadelife said...

why thank you miss p, for once we're pretty happy to be called sell outs!