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Top chick and 'I Make Stuff 'alumni Megan Whitmarsh has a new show opening at Krets gallery in Malmo, Sweden which as per usual looks incredible... that's her embroidered invite above, note the soft sculpture cigarette butt and sharpie pen - genius. If any of you are in the area or fancying a quick trip north for bit of Abba with your contemprorary art drop in and say god dag, hallå for us.

Attack Decay, Sustain Release: Nathan Gray, as you know is one of our faves here at hml, he's also 'I Make Stuff' alumni, and his new show opens this Thursday night at Craft Victoria. This one will be a doozy - he's using all three galleries to create a "combination and manipulation of found sound to create musical landscapes". Sounds excellent (apologies for the bad pun), we'll be there with bells on (oh god there I go again.)
Craft Victoria. 8 September – 17 October

Vitrine: The September shows at Platform are upon us. Talked up as  group of shows by "artists who really blow apart the notion of material based practice, where all objects are slippery simulacra of other objects and nothing is real..." our eye has been caught by the work of ALYSHIA BODDENBERG &; REBECCA DELANGE, pictured above. Anytime someone pulls together a sculpture from a collection of safety pins, pine cones and party string we're there...and you know Ramona's Martha bone can't resist a painted pine cone craft happening. Check it out on the way to or home from work.
Platform, Degraves St. Subway all September.

Aqueaus Bloom: Is the title of this years annual resident artists exhibition and features two of our favourite ceramicists Kris Coad and Liz Low. Rumour has it that Liz (they're her pourers above) has just been comissioned by George Calombaris of Masterchef  fame to produce the milk jugs for his high falutin' Melbourne eatery Press Club. Coincidentally  Kris is also a maker with well established foodie connections being responsible for much of the tableware at Port Melboure institition Mizuzu's. Check our their water works along with the rest of the residents all month.
Gasworks Theatre until September 27
and in the loungeroom...

True Blood: We are both big big BIG fans of the vampire genre (ok we know that's like totally predictable for crafty geek girls but so what, we never said we weren't) So we are both mightily thrilled with the return of season two of to our teevs. Season one left us breathless like a southern belle in a too tight bodice on a hot afternoon, and we expect more swamp infested good times to come. Bring on the mint julep! Those who enjoy a spoiler can go here. , otherwise beg borrow or steal yourself a ringside seat for season two.
September 15, Foxtel Showcase.

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