card bored?OK we're warning you in advance, this weekend is clearly going to be a marathon... check out the festival guide, or get up to date highlights from the fabulous Lucy at Design Files , or in fact just check the local papers and radio for what's on details... everybody's talking about it, and not just because everything seems to be made of cardboard this year.

There's a bunch of great stuff to see, do, hear, watch, taste and listen to. Who knows, given the breadth of what's on offer there's probably even an olfactory design experience to stick your beak into. This weekend we're doing This is not a Design Market (for the local talent), DesignboomMart (for the hot and uber groovy international set), Design Made Trade (of course and you ALL know why) and Melbourne Open House (because we love a catacomb) and are already making plans for next week. Our advice on what you should see: something, anything, everything... just get out amongst it. Even the weather's going to be nice, just remember your packed lunch, black outfit and hippest high-tops.

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