making, whoopee!

Design Made Trade was filled with much awesomeness: great seating, drinking, playing, giving, wearing and eating options that had us sighing, laughing and furrowing our brows thoughtfully. The one stand out for us though was the make do stand. According to the box, make do is a "modular construction system designed to enable the creation of objects and spaces from found materials. It's aim is to inspire social change by encouraging people to see new value in the things around them." Cool. But to us it was a set of clippy things that would allow the making of just about anything from just about anything, then take it apart and make something else. And you know how much we like to make stuff out of other stuff. The stand had a range of great things made by great people (think Australia's top design names) created from all sorts of excess packaging from egg cartons the ubiquitous $2 stripey bag. Gigantic bunches of flowers, paper dresses, Styrofoam cup lights, planes, canoes and igloos... all held together with these ingenious little blue plastic rivety things.

The make do website is also full of cool tricks you can try at home. Can't wait to start playing.

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