got a light?
While we've been gobsmackedby the array of stuff on offer as part of this years State of Design Festival... we've found it more difficult to make up our minds about what to see and find enough spare time between tasks to actually get to anything this year. Ramona of course has an excuse, she's been staffing her stall at Design Made Trade, me on the other hand, i've got no excuses save a snot bound youngster determined to blow any chance I have of getting out amongst it. Thankfully we're not completely devoid of culture up here in Northcote and for the past few weeks we've been surprised and delighted on our way to the supermarket by some of the 'art' on offer in high street shop windows as part of High Views .
While we loved the Winternationale vintage turntable and vinyl display in I Dream a Highway, our top pick was these Belinda Suzette Doodad Dolls crafted from cigar boxes, matchboxes, wooden salad servers, woven baskets, tweed mustaches and other oddball ephemera. Apparently they were due to come out of the windows on July 6, but we still saw them smiling away in the window of uber-bohemian creperie Open Studio on the weekend so you might be lucky and still be able to catch them.
If not you could always just don a beret, listen to some live piano acordian and eat a crepe.

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