brown paper packages

Install complete, and just in time too... We were wondering where the hell everyone else was when we arrived in the morning, expecting a hive of activity and buzz of excitement we found the place virtually deserted... with empty cardboard cubicles anointed with lonely A4 numbered sheets of white paper clumsily stuck to the walls, we looked at each other and thought there'll be tears come opening time tonight. We on the other hand got straight into it, and bar a couple of sleep deprived nuff nuff moments got it all stuck, glued, hung and stuffed by our child imposed deadline of 4pm. (With a little help from the ever ready, willing and terribly able Miss PenPen who popped in at the eleventh hour with a brilliant DIY display solution... of course!).

As you can see IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!! Big congratulations to Baz on a truly excellent showcase of her fabulous wares, and big thank-yous to Pene for the furniture props. Tonight's the big night, and Ramona will be there spruced up and spruiking with the rest of the beautiful people... and tomorrow the rest of the work begins.

DESIGN MADE TRADE is on for the next four days: trade only Thursday and Friday, regular Joe's Saturday and Sunday. There's some really amazing stuff to see (apart from the words and pictures stand) so it's well worth a visit. Drop in, say Hi and bring coffee... it's going to be a long four days!!!

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Katherine Bowman said...

it looks amazing! Congratulations xx