I'm on the hunt i'm after you...

Rebecca Murphy above, greedy hen below

According to Gallery 19 Karen the exhibition Hungry Like the Wolf borrows it's title from a Duran Duran song and evokes notions of contemporary and ancient folklore and magic realism, unlike Duran Duran, who evoke notions of pastel leather scrunched up sleeves, nose candy and apricot hair.

Jae Copp above, Emily Valentine below

HLTW also stars a bevvy of local talent including: NIC PLOWMAN, ALICE LANG, EMILY VALENTINE, JAE COPP, VITOR DOS SANTOS, BEN CONSTANTINE, GREEDY HEN, BEASTMAN, REBECCA MURPHY, ZOE PORTER, RANDAL BREEN LUCINDA WOLBER, phew that's quite a list. Apparently 19 Karen staged an opening night that came with a specific outfitting theme : 'grandiose, hybrid, folklore, superstition and mystic'. How excellent, gallery goers co-ordinate outfits to match the artworks! This sounds like a brilliant idea to us, and imagine how good the opening night people pics will look. We wish we had been there, you know how much we like to dress up... and we'll use any excuse to get out the Stevie Nicks 'Rhiannon' outfit.

Hungry Like the Wolf
02 - 30 May @ 19 Karen
19 Karen Avenue
Mermaid Beach
yup that's right people this one is for Queenslanders and northbound travellers only:)


handmadelife said...

and just how good is that minor bird brassiere... although we think it might be a bit noisy on the train to work.

Rebecca Murphy said...

that minor bird brassiere looks amazing in person, you just want to touch it