power (line) broker

Because I had to go into town yesterday to drop off a card order, I decided to make the most of the half hour of time afforded between Max-naps to catch up with Sophie Milne's show Street Side at enCOUNTER. Sophie has said that the works reference both her familiar urban environment, and the beauty often found in industrially designed objects, and in this sense Street Side is a handmade salute to industry. What a lovely sentiment. For me the pieces were as dreamily evocative of long empty roads as they are pertinent to the busy road-side exhibition space they inhabit. Either way her work, as usual, is the epitome of chic understatement. All power to you Sophie.

And of course because we were in town we had to stop off at our favourite little 'cupcakeria'... for a goodie box. Blueberry, mocha, cookies & cream, vanilla coconut, carrot and the much mythologised red velvet. And yes, even though I'd intended to share them with the architect upon my return I managed to eat two on the train on the way home all by myself, and no I didn't feel in the least bit guilty.


chunkychooky (Cath) said...

those vases are goreous- such a harsh image made to look so pretty.

ghostpatrol said...

i'm trying to reply to your emailbut it's bouncing
full inbox maybe?

mizu designs said...

Her work looks lovely. Need to book some time in and go see her show.

handmadelife said...

so sorry gp, we'll get the technical hitches sorted pronto!