Well people just when you thought it was safe to get your Nana's rug out of the cupboard and back onto the couch those plunderers of the cultural cringe Romance Was Born have gone and made a frock out of it...

They've also managed to re-fashion other fabulous fete finds as the crochet toilet-roll doll, nylon coat-hanger cover and surprise! surprise! the doily, into matching accessories de-jour. It would seem that all our favourite old school Nana crafts have fallen foul of fickle fashion, even Beck's favourite shell art hasn't escaped unscathed...

We love kooky couture, but is this fluffy pom pom iced vovo creation the shape of things to come? Will we see a collection of our favourite womens weekly baked goods stomping the catwalk pony style in spring? Really people are we getting old or is fashion getting sillier.

and does all this now mean we can wear our macrame owls as jewellery?

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Anonymous said...

you bet! and you can probably turn those tea cosy's into matching handbags as well. xs