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It seems that our Blythe exhibition recommendation has done little for some of our more vocal regular readers... even with her freaky bug-eyed plastic pop couture. So ever willing to oblige the natives, especially when they're restless, we have another recommendation for you and this one we think you'll all enjoy. Folded Spaces, beautiful, pastel hued abstract paintings by Andrea Eckersly on at the equally beautiful Abbotsford Convent. It's opening night tonight at C3 in the basement at the Convent between 6 and 8pm. Sadly we won't be there but if you don't have families bugging you round that time for dinner and bed-time boob action we think it would be a lovely spot to spend the evening.

Also on show in C3 are these ceramic plates by Ashley Mariani as part of her Nana Cares what Brittany Wears show...we like the sentiment and the crockery even more so. And if you're quick you still might be able to catch the extraordinary folded sculptures of Japanese artist Kaori Kato's Shades of White exhibition on in the front foyer. Good luck people and happy viewing.

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pen said...

it was rocking!
andrea's lovely abstract-y paintings and hil-ar-ious ashley olson plates (perfect for serving huge chunks of cake on!