We know we know Blythe is soooooo yesterday. But you know what? We still love her. In fact we ALWAYS loved her and so a celebration of our beloved bugeyed bff is always welcome. As is a trip to Gertrude Street. Robio was responsible for the entire contents of the interns 'santa' stocking at xmas time and it despite being for 'the young folk' the staff there are loverly (more than happy to help a mother holding a newborn gather the goodies despite it being the busiest time of the year). so 86 it there pronto ! (the 86 tram of course! - oh we are funny this morning!)


shula said...

Blythe dolls give me the willies.

pen said...

have to admit, me too.
sadly most dolls do.
always feel blythe has a nasty case of encephilitis....