Something or other

That dozy duo that call themselves "sleep club" are at it again. Dell Stewart - high priestess of faux bois, and Adam Cruickshank -think life-sized monkey sculptures bearing "the end is nigh" placards amongst other brilliant stuff, have come up with a new exhibition intriguingly entitled "thing"...and it's opening at Bus Gallery tomorrow night at 6pm (yup people that's Tuesday April 7). According to Dell and Adam's facebook promo blurb: "A thing is an object without specific name or form. An item, device, artifact, tool or instrument. You can find them in the supermarket, on the street, in outer space and at the back of your cupboard behind the shoes.Working in the same studio on separate things, Adam and Dell have produced a series of amalgamated things, shaped and cut things, borrowed things, shiny things, things glued to other things and things with things removed. These things are things in both form and signification. A playful room of experimentation at its most obvious but also an examination into the nature of thingness; the things we make, things that are made for us, things joined together, things about the things that they are and things that are about other things. "

Sounds bonza, count us in.

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shula said...

You know I'd love to come...

but I haven't a THING to wear.