We try not go on about ourselves (really?) too much on HML but today really is a very special day... Today the architect, muji, master max and yours truly take possession of our new house, which is not something we actually thought we'd do for a long long time and so is terrifically exciting and excruciatingly terrifying all at the same time. Above is said house, which looks brilliant because it's the real estate agent's photo. Don't be fooled though people (not that we're complaining, hell we're lucky to have it) but we have taken to calling it 'the financial black hole'. As photo's on HML tomorrow will reveal, it's going to be a very, very, VERY big craft project indeed.

Above is a photo of the backyard, which surprisingly enough is as good as it looks in the real estate photo... AND the reason we fell in love with the place, despite it's falling down walls, sagging floors and lack of a working kitchen. Clearly a few raised veggie patches, lovely old fruit trees and a winding little concrete path do wonders in helping a yard starved family of four overlook the worst of the renovators delight' elements of the house. That and a big ol' shed at the bottom of the garden, which of course was the clincher for the architect.


Georgie Love said...

Congratulations! Champagne all round!

pen said...

I am so green!

shula said...

I had a feeling about this. Goodbye to the rocknroll lifestyle, but DUDE! Howz that GARDEN?

I'll miss you. Where are you going?

Janette W said...

Hi Beck
I just found out you had a new little being in your life called Max, how exciting. A craft vic friend gave me your blog site. A new shed, love sheds especially old ones with forgotten stuff in forgotten corners. How cool. All houses are financial black holes but homes are treasures and yours will be a home full of treasures and you will spend the next many years building memores that you treasure even more than stuff. Good luck and have fun in that shed. Janette W

Beck said...

Hi janette what a nice surprise! - hope everything is rocking along brilliantly for you.
and thanks everyone for the congratson our uber purchase, we're pretty chuffed with things as well, and never fear Shula, we could hardly leave Northcote after you've just moved in!

judi said...

Congratulations.from a life long renter..love the garden and it will be a great refuge when the interior renos get too much!