Craft Saves!
The ladies of HML specialise in biting off more than they can chew in the project department. So Ramona is today going to take a leaf out of 98 year old Maria D'antuono who survived being buried in the rubble of an italian earthquake by crocheting until she was rescued. So despite the fact that Ramona has relatives are in town, work orders piling up, university homework is late, and 4.5 month old Thom is high maintenance (as all babies of that age are!) Ramona is determined that her eggs on the right look more like Martha's eggs on the left by the close of business today. We will go as far as to say another photo will be posted at 11pm to show said progress - or lack thereof. Because while the walls come tumbling down Craft can save us all!


shula said...

I like Ramona's eggs better.

Simple, pure, classic. Such great colours.

pen said...

they look like sugared almonds!

Beck said...

and what could be better than a little bonbonniere style goodness at easter?