rye times In our corner of the world the past 48 hours have been surreal. As we've watched from the comfort of our cool inner city homes whole towns have been razed by a fire so ferocious it has left us all in a state of shock.
it's at times like these we hold our children close to us and are both thankful and heartbroken. We thought we'd recommend a show this week where craft works in partnership with fire to create beauty.

master potter Owen Rye has woodfired work on show at Skepsi on Swanston. His work is always poetic and of the earth and this seems particularly poignant this week.
The Salvation Army are calling for clothing donations call 137258 for details
There is a shortage of blood so to find your your nearest Donor Centre Location http://www.donateblood.org.au/
The Red Cross have a donation hotline 1800 811 700

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