plenty of junk in the trunk...

The blessed relief of the cool weather yesterday allowed the ladies of hml to venture outside with their little folk for the first time in what has seemed like an age. To be honest we probably all needed a distraction from our mounting dispair at the overwhelming destruction of the weekend. We have been heartened however to once again to see people Australia wide open their hearts and wallets to try and make things a little easier for everyone involved. Our thoughts and well wishes are with you all.

Now while we love a little retail therapy to be honest we didn't really have the stomach to spend up when others were doing it so hard, but we did happen upon the local op-shops and didn't feel too bad about buying from a charity.

Beck has been collecting cross stitch pieces for some time now (among many other textiley things, much to the architect's annoyance) with the idea of making a quilt by winter for their new bedroom. Of course this will eventually mean having to do more than just shopping for other peoples craft, but in the meantime she's well pleased with these fantastic finds.

She was especially happy to have picked up some large linen tablecloths with big centrepieces and multiple embroidered edges, because being a time poor and somewhat lazy crafter this will mean less patching and therefore less work later on... genius!

Although she's collected a reasonable little stack over the past few months, she is by no means an expert quilter and so is bound to lose some in translation... So, if any of you out there have unwanted cross stitch or embroidered piece-work laying around your house, studio or fabric pile - you know where to send them!

Oh and if you are in the market for more fetching finished pieces of embroidered goodness then look no further than Cottage Industry, miss penpen has (as usual) managed to come up with an array of excellent products from her own substantial collection of other peoples craft, including the tea-cosy and new maisy blouse, we think they're terrific.

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Anonymous said...

congratulations they are some great thrift finds, can't wait to see the quilt.