if it quacks like a duck...

This week has seen us super busy with our 'other' lives so sorry to all who have turned up expecting exciting adventures and seen nothin' but pickles for days. Some weeks you start out with the best of intentions only to find that you barely have time to get through last weeks list let alone start on this weeks, and this, it seems, is one of those weeks - hope you're all faring better!

So while Beck was really chuffed that her order from the fabulous online fabric emporium duckcloth had arrived, she was also filled with a slightly sickly feeling of dread as she put it all in the 'things to start next week' pile. Which is currently three feet high... and risin'.
That being said of course, she's already found another fabric (see below) she's going to have to purchase before someone else comes along and snaffles it!


Anonymous said...

ha ha! the race is on.

pen said...

just balance Max on the top! a fabric ladder! the boy will be in textile heaven.