Christmas gift of the day

hacky sacks

It's not that Beck leaves everything up to the last minute (ha ha sure she does) but these calico oat bags have been hanging around for the last couple of months begging to be made into something, and now in the heat of the last two days before Christmas, she finally came up with something... bollywood flavoured lavender bags for the indiaphiles in her life! So simple she wondered how on earth she hadn't thought of them sooner, she managed to whip up four in an afternoon, despite a housebound sick and grumpy architect, attention seeking max missile and parental entertaining duties.

All you need to make your own fabbo set is a couple of hours free time, recycled or new calico, lavender filler, a metre or so of rockin' ribbon or ric-rac, a sheet of iron on transfer stuff and some filmi images of your choice - you don't even really need a sewing machine, although it might be the difference between an unhappy, cramped beer drinkin' hand and a loose and happy beer drinkin' hand come Christmas day.

Voila! the finished product, and none too shabby neither. Go on make one yourself, you've still got time and they're the perfect kris kringle or last minute stocking stuffer!


pen said...

to go with the indian theme what about a spice mix?
cinnamon, cloves, pepper....... nice!

shula said...

Love it.