Secret Squirrel gifts of the day

ssshhhhh... it's a secret

I don't know how much true crafting there actually is in whacking a t-shirt transfer onto a t-shirt, and while the t-shirt for Beck's nephew Charlie may feature an original illo, the two below are complete web-hacks but at least were made in the indie D.I.Y spirit of the times they reference. And what could be a better Chrissie present for the littlest interns than their first ever band t-shirts. Sonic Youth for Major Thom and Bad Brains for Mad Max... somehow fitting really, just don't tell them what they're getting.


shimmyshimmycocopop said...

okay, it is official "you rock!"
can i place an order now or will you post a tutorial for the not so worthy and much less creative xmas pressie makers. good work auntie rock.

shula said...

groovy baby, YEAH!