Seasons Greetings

The ladies of HML would like to wish you all a merry xmas. Regual readers will know that it has been a crazy year at headquarters. Two new interns, christmas projects that stretch back as far as July, visits to dozens of shows, thousands of websites and the odd op shop or twenty. Phew. We have hit a wall of exhaustion we didn't know existed! That being said we are very excited about 2009 - and have started the grand plans already...
We're thinking of starting the Christmas projects in January! We're both going to take a break from HML between xmas and new year to hatch plans, write lists and roll around on the grass with our kids
we'll see you all back here Jan 1!
PS - before you al lpoint it out to us, yes the ball says 2006, don't worry there is one for all the other years too!

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