...fools seldom differ.
This Christmas it took us an age to exchange presents at HML headquarters - too many family lunches, last minute relative drop-ins, trips to the seaside and general celebratory activities kept us apart on the big day, so it was only yesterday that we managed to get it together and play pass the parcel.
Funnily enough when the big guns came out (so to speak) we discovered that not only had we both gone Ikea crazy with the wrapping paper and presented our edible crimble specialties in the same IKEA container... we'd also managed to out think each other on the gift items.
Ramona bought Beck the Richard E Grant wah wah diaries book, Beck had originally thought of for Ramona, and Beck had bought the very ceramic NYC coffee cup Ramona had toyed with buying Beck.

we don't usually like to boast but we think this was an excellent piece of mind reading work by the hml team!

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