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SHOW OF THE WEEK With all the small galleries closed, school holidays on and craft types in post-christmas recovery, this is a really time to watch various sports (cricket for napping, tennis for yelling at the tv) or getting out to all the giganto institutions that feel more like a year 9 excursion than a good day out.
The Intern (age 13) absolutely loved the show currently on at ACMI - a showcase of the work of too-groovy-to-groove American DJ artiste Christian Marclay. Don't be put off by the description ("combining pop culture cool and Avan Guarde edge!" - who writes that stuff?) it really is a fantastic show. Too ften the ACMI shows seem to be all over the place - jumping from one theme to another as you stumble round in the dark being assaulted by sound and light - this time round being the work of just one guy it feels cohesive and in parts quite inspiring. Marclay has a sense of humour too - never a bad thing.

And for a measly $5 you can also catch the afternoon screening of Surfs Up - one of the funniest and most underrated animated movies of recent years. We'd take this one over Happy Feet any time. The laides of HML are big fans of animation (childhood passion) and even if it isn't your cuppa tea it might be fun to do something different to get you out of the Jan slump. Surfs up has great character development, terrific story (penguin surf championships!) and the voice of Jeff Bridges - the ultimate dude...



shula said...

Better than Happy Feet?

With Jeff Bridges?

Oh, my!

Beck said...

oh yes Shula...there's even a stoner chicken voiced by Jon Heder

INTERN said...


Good for the soul, don't you know.