school's out for summer

We aren't going to blather on about new years resolutions - the ladies of HML are entering into quite a momentous year and have no room for self improvement! We are more like the little engines that could, and will, make it up the hill that looms in front of us in the form of the next 12 crazy months. We certainly hope you got to see the new year in in style - we watched it on tv with loved ones and that to us was juuuuuuust perfect
As it's skool hols we thought we might point out some cool stuff to take your interns and work experience kids too. There is a top drawer exhibition of books called Mirror of the World on at the State Library. We know, yawn yawn, but when was the last time you actually went to the State Library? It is absolutely beautiful, quiet, free and more to the point you CAN'T BUY ANYTHING ON SALE there - a blessed relief. And we are suckers for first editions of On The Road, artists books and illuminated manuscripts from the 1400's - unbelievable treasures on dsiplay in the dome gallery. Just trust us on this one - take the afternoon off and rejuvenate yourself. It's not as good as a day in salt water - but for city-bound folk it is an oasis.


pen said...

happy new year ladies!
nice fireworks pic!
catch up soon

handmadelife said...

happy new year miss penpen...
and we're so happy to be back!
looking forward to seeing you soon, once we can get out from in front of the fan!!!!!
please don't melt in the meantime

littlesnoring said...

Happy New Year!

I have enjoyed reading your posts over the last months - enjoy the summer dayz