make or break
Well a great big thank you to all of you who turned out for the big weekend studio sale (extra big snaps to you Shula-that jam went down a treat for Sunday breakfast!) - it was really rather overwhelming. We certainly didnt expect to see anywhere near as many peeps out on the hunt for a christmas bargain - especially since it was one million degrees one day and pouring the next!

As you can see there was a LOT of stuff in that there studio, but if you look closely enough , amongst the madness of Durstonia, you might find the seldom spotted Nicky Gabriel eating a Babka berry danish, her natural prey.
Here's the lovely Ramona, charming the punters with her wit and wares, while in the background Irene gets to work on wrapping duties and Pene sings an aria... oh hang on, she's actually just pointing out another huge pile of cushions for another punter to pick through.

and here's a selection of some of Beck's stuffed stuff - once again you'll see that Beck has niftily managed to avoid being snapped on camera by taking on snapping duties behind the camera! clever eh.

Finally we'd also really like to thank our fellow studio salers Irene and Nicky who entertained us no end and from whom we begged swapsies - because let's face it there's not a relative left alive that isn't sick to death of our humble offerings come Christmas...

And of course our biggest thanks go to the unstoppable Ms Durston, who not only organised, promoted and provided the venue for the whole shebang, but made sure we were well fed throughout with Babka danish, mini plum puds, gingerbread men and cups of tea - even if Pen's wares were so tempting, Beck spent her entire profit margin on a new summer wardrobe for herself.

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shula said...

It was a blast, ladies.

I got so inspired, I've been sewing ever since.

And I'm going to hold you to that breakfast after New Year.