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too much christmas is not enough.....
What can we say, we love Christmas. If there is one season that captures the spirit of handmadelife tis the season to be merry (and stressed and poor and tired and overworked and underpaid etc) but generally we absolutely love the chaos of it. We've gone a wee bit crazy this year on the decorating. Beck's fresh tree is bedecked with the finest handmade decorations this side of the Martha Stewart craft department (more about that tree tomorrow) and Ramona has branched out (har har) and put a tree up in every room on the house.First up are the interns xmas baubles - one for each year with her name and the date on them courtesy of her Nonnie..

Ramona's bedroom is more folksy with wooden decorations and some Beck birds and baubles...

the hallway is tres tasteful in silver and blue with fairy lights (we may keep that one up beyond xmas as the outline of the branch shadows up the stairwell in a very satisfying way)... The kitchen has a gold branch with red decorations and is the biggest crowd pleaser so far (mind you once people have had a couple egg nogs they are impressed by EVERYTHING)Out the front is a very simple one, it may need a bit more work but looks good against the grey wall.
today will spent finishing a couple of handmade gifts and wrapping (god bless Ikea - their beautiful paper os now 50% off - do yourselves a favour and get down there...)

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tina´s corner said...

I love your blog, it´s so inspiring! I had no inspiration at all but now I know exactly what to do, thanks!!!:)