Readers will have seen that we ladies are getting on board the fast train to Durstonia this weekend for the studio sale to end all studio sales (well until the next one anyways).
We've been super busy beavering away on our crimble inspired booty and a delectable range of new cards and badges by Ramona and small stuffed stuff by Beck is finally starting to emerge from the crafting chaos.

You would have seen in the last entry one of Ramona's Santa hatted elephant badges and folky christmas reindeer, and today we're showing you some of Becks christmas 'baubles' and birds all stitched up and ready for hanging.

We know you're all probably promised to hundred and one chrissie parties, but we do really hope to see you all in the studio at some stage over the weekend...

Durstonia will be open for business on:
Friday the 14th of December between 2 and 7pm AND
Saturday the 15th of December 10am - 5pm
Studio 9 Victoria Street, Fitzroy
and in the meantime remember to keep checking for updates at misspenpen.blogspot.com


shula said...


The name of the Indian Actress, that I couldn't remember, is Shabana Azmir, wonderful woman that she is, I'm ashamed I couldn't think of it.

Wonderful, wonderful, to see you.

We should be meeting for breakfasts, I spend half my life about 100 feet from your houses.

I could have stayed today, forever.


handmadelife said...

ah Shabana, who's name rhymes with Kabana... how could we have forgotten her!
it was really quite a delight to get to spend a wet and steamy Saturday (monsoon like it was) in your presence, and with your presents!
and yes breakfasts it is.
2008 here we come!!!