park life

Today on our way to see the grad shows at Monash we found ourselves coming to a dangerously screeeeeeching halt in Ramona's little cherrymobile as we passed a shop window featuring this quilt. You all know how much we love the red and white folk action, and with the addition of a reverse polka dot border we decided Monash could wait while we investigated further...

as we turned the corner we found ourselves confronted by this nameplate...
realising we had stumbled across an online favourite fabric mecca we squealed like teenagers at a Justin Timberlake concert and ran for the door. Confronted by row upon row of super sized ric-rac, woven trims and walls of color coded super cute japanese imports, provincial linen stripes, op-art geometrics and vintage broadhurst style patterns we felt ourselves getting that oh my god oh my god i'm having a craft find hyperventilation moment. We quickly made a decision that we could only look properly once we found ourselves in possesion of empty diaries and full wallets. As we were patting ourselves on the back for collective sense and restraint on the way back to the car we also saw an extremely old school cake shop with a window full of doily clad baked goods that immediately had us salivating again, Ramona immediately penciled in a date with one of their custard tarts next time we're in the neighborhood, while I was all about the babka.

For those of you interested Patchwork on Central Park is not in Manhatten NYC (as we first thought when we saw it mentioned on a stack of other crafster blogs) but in Burke Rd East Malvern, or online at http://www.patchworkoncentralpark.com.au/


pen said...

Am I pissed that I had to say no to the run to Caulfield?!
How wide was the ric-rac? 20mm+?
Stuck in a boiling hot studio instead.

Carson said...

Jumbo ric rac!
Old school custard tarts!
Be still my heart.

Beck said...

Ah penpen...

see what happens when you say no to the ladies.

I will even taunt you further with tales of devonshire tea at Heidi as a reward for our hard graft at Monash!!!

refuse us at your peril.