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The ladies of hml always enjoy the Monash Graduate show for a couple of reasons. 1. Its like a department store of craft (level 1 Jewelry! level 6 Ceramics! etc) 2. We actually get to go out to Monash - which for us city gals is a bit like visiting Geelong - a once a year proposition. But we are often left feeling a bit jaded by the whole experience. Everything starts blurring in together. Why is there no painting in painting? Where has the tapestry gone? Why did they paint the walls a disgusting shade of paste pink? The good thing about that is when we really love something it stands out.
We we quite taken with this paper necklace and paper boat by April Diak (on exchange from Rochester Institute NY). We know there isnt anything revolutionary about using paper but we thought the execution was lovely
We adored Tammy Lacy's charcoal and soap jewelry. Not so much for the jewery pieces but the impressions left on the tshirts
it became much more about textiles for us. Printmaking techniques, adornment, Mark making at a fundamental level
Her video installation was great too (she could have also picked up a degree in painting for that one ...meow)

More next week. We saw something in the glass dept that blew our minds....

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