fresh cuts

paper, scissors, rock!
as we mentioned yesterday, we've been out and about checking out the graduate exhibitions around melbourne. So far we've managed the RMIT gold and silversmithing and third year RMIT fashion shows, and found some top items along the way.
First cut is this delicious acordian pleated jacket which used an incredibly well planned sequence of hand cut fusing to construct the pleating...

The second was this rain-jacket by Kara Turner who had constructed her garment from heat and pressure treated recylced plastic shopping bags. A sophisticated and ingenius nod to climate change.
On the jewellery tip, we were very taken with the wooden stylings of Natalia Miloz-Pierkarska who managed to hit just the right notes with her combination of found object, oxidised copper and timber in her "Fortunatus Altisis, as well as her "Wind up Bird" in silver, wood, enamel, copper, brass and paint.

and the most covetable for our own jewellery box award goes to Karla Way for this delectable neckpiece from the "Ludmilla's Parture" grouping, but to be honest we would have happily snapped up any one of the works from her series which artfully managed to combine such disparate materials as jarrah, sand, cubic zirconia's and perspex.
Karla was also responsible for these beautiful vessels in perspex, copper and gold plate. Top Drawer as Ramona would say.
We were also quite taken with the colorful whimsy and geometry of these pieces by Katherine Brunacci who incorporated one of our favourite media (the hansa tile) into her "Bring into Being" series of brooches and hair pins.

keep watching people we've still got NMIT and Monash to go!!


shula said...

See, I don't need to go.

I've got you guys.

handmadelife said...

well we do our best Shula