this one's for the birds

We have a thing about birds here at handmadelife : sparrows, larks, thrushes, finches, swallows, weavers, blackbirds, wrens, warblers, orioles and owls all get us a little heated. So when confronted with collectable clutter featuring one of our feathered friends our hearts skip and our wallets open.
You can imagine the excitement yesterday when we happened upon this Polish paper folk faux cookoo clock, or indeed the excellently crafted stitch work below. We were quite overcome and fell over ourselves to get some cash on the counter before another twitcher got in first.
Thank god we also managed to snaffle the "i'm a lady" teacups at the same time, so when we got home we could recover from our coniptions with a strong brew and some lemon syrup cake.


shula said...

Dear Bird Lovers,

Are you familiar with the work of this woman?


Does a mean lino clock in the shape of birds.

Betty Jo said...

Ooo spooky, I have never left a comment on your blog, and what do I see before me. But the clock and embroidery got me excited and I just had to say so!

handmadelife said...

Shula you're a witch! spooky spooky indeed, and Liz, so nice to see you here, and yes the desire to speak publicly about the birds really is just too strong to resist. By the way you have quite an excellent collection yourself!

shula said...

Just send money....