Distant Elegies by Katherine Bowman

The ladies of HML are breaking up this week! Well only geographically. One half is heading to Third Drawer Down Gallery (more on that later in the week) while the other half will be bundling the Intern and Mama into the cherrymobile and zooming to Warrnambool this Saturday for the opening of Katherine Bowmans show.
Inspired by a series of Rilke poems and a box of black and white photographs given to her by her grandmother, these beautiful canvases are elegant and solemn - and very much like a poem in themselves. Being the fine jeweller that she is they are also delicately beaded and stitched. Quite stunning
The last time we saw these they were lining the hallway in Ms Bowmans home. We expect they will transform again under gallery lights. We urge you to make the trip. The Official opening is this Saturday at 1230 (so you'll have time for morning tea in Colac if you leave early enough).

Show runs from Oct 2 - Dec 9. Best directions to get there are welcome (we're thinking great ocean road?)

and to read the Rilke poems that were an inspiration head here

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