the breakfast club

There's a new kid on the block, Ramona's block, and they're a serious contender kicking some fast breaking goals. Regular readers will know our love of Palomino on High Street, (Beck's local wood lined and ceramic filled morning spot) but now we are happy to report another crafty cafe is on the scene; complete with John Hughes inspired name, menu and silhoutte plateage. "The breakfast club", and they do killer baked eggs. Thankfully Principal Vernon was nowhere to be seen when we tried it out yesterday, although must to admit to holding out for an Estevez or Judd sighting.

and how can you not love a place that does a long stitch, sailor tattoo inspired open sign?

or little matching ceramic milking cow salt and pepper shakers?


shula said...

Yes, but where? Where?

Beck said...

St.Georges Road, Northcote, and Ramona had the sardines and annointed them as the new NUMBER ONE breakfast... ever.
I'd like to add that the longstitch continues inside with an excellent triptych of bearded indie slacker folkster dudes.

shula said...

Oh how wonderful. It's just round the corner from my yoga school, from whence I emerge, ravenous, several mornings a week.

I've just done a post with you guys in mind.

What's the cafe between? Sorry to hassle you, but it's TERRIBLY IMPORTANT.

Cafes are my life.

handmadelife said...

Dear Shula - it lies between Gladstone Avenue and Beavers Rd opposite Foodworks up near Nara Thai restauarant. Closed on Monday but the rest of the week is nothing but love. Best coffee I've had in yonks and I've loved the porridge with stewed apples, the baked eggs, the sardines on toast and The Ringwald - brie and quince paste on toast! See you there!

Kate Pop said...

Can definately vouch for the excellent coffee. Can't wait to get a seat to try the food (already getting busy in there on a saturday morning).

shula said...