We'd like to tell you that we've become so super cool that we don't go slightly faint when we see the surgical stylins of artist and bookwrangler Nicholas Jones or that we didnt get excited when we heard he was collaborating with Nat Starr-Thomas on a new show at Third Drawer Down Gallery on the is month until the 3rd of November....
But really when the gallery emails you images this amazing it's hard to remain aloof. In fact we are dancing up and down like idiots in the face of pure genius. The ladies of HML do have a rep for being a little bit OTT when they see work like this... We keep banging on about Third Drawer Down Gallery and we hope you've all made it down there. Maybe take a book on the 246 bus to get bayside, just don't give it to Mr Jones to hold while you look at his work...

SO WHAT? New Works on Paper by Nichloas Jones and Nat Starr - Thomas Third Drawer Down Gallery 32 Robe St St Kilda (open thur-fri 1pm to 6pm and Sat 11-4)

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