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The ladies of hml got to talking about Rock Paper Scissors and it turns out that Beck has the mad skills that Ramona believes will take her to the 2007 Rock Paper Scissor International Championships in Ontario in October. We may have finally found a sport we can excel in!
Those of you who are feeling particularly competitive and quick on their hands should head to the World RPS society for the latest in strategies, game basics and artwork (as seen here - Paper is the Answer is already winging its way to the hml office - woo hoo!)
There is even an online trainer for those wanting to hone their game. We though competitive eating was the greatest - but we couldn't face trying to beat Henry Hatau's 2007 record of 66 Nathans Hot Dogs (taking the crown from our beloved Kobayashi). But with RPS we may be in with a chance!

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Graham Walker said...

Thanks for the nice write up on the World RPS Society. It is always nice to see when others appreciate the artwork.

Would you mind emailing me and letting me know if you have indeed made an order yet for that print you mentioned. I have no records of the purchases in August and I would hate to find out that the printing supplier is not crediting sales

you can reach me at gwalker(AT)worldrps.com