Does dynamite beat tiger claw?
as we slowly emerge at the end of this week from our cinema stupor (not to mention, bad colds, huge badge orders and general seasonal grouchiness) we are going to do our best to get along to Westspace this week to catch up with a mega group show (a kind of superband of Melbourne artists) for the schoolyard game inspired exhibition ROCK PAPER SCISSORS. Artists include Louise Hubbard, Ash Keating, Lyndal Walker and our fave rave - the Book Surgeon Nicholas Jones.
And yes we do remain in MIFF land -nearly there folks. Yesterday Ramona went off to In the Company of Actors to see why Cate Blanchett is as good as everyone tells her (actually that sounds churlish - she is quite good it's true.) and then the entire hml staff (minus intern - still under 18 - poop!) trooped off to see the new Hartley pic Fay Grimm. sigh we heart hartley.

Today we are off to Japan with the screening of Eijanaika - nothing like going into a cinema at noon on a Monday - work schmirk we say!

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