square eyes

Saffron Burrows in a scene from Ramona's festival pick: Hal Hartley's Fay Grim

Unless you've been living under the proverbial rock you would be aware that the Melbourne Film Festival is on again. which of course means that we are doing nothing but fillum watching for the next two weeks. Well except for the 5,000 badges Ramona has produced, the CCP photography course Beck is undertaking, the normal time at work, and family meal preparing, etc etc etc. But we wont complain, despite all of the chores attempting to intervene we really are having an excellent festivus.

Regular readers would know that this is our annual mid-year break, and so far we've travelled to France, Italy, Jamaica, and the deep deep South, we're very much looking forward to our next jaunts into Tunisia, Japan, South Africa, North America, the UK, Sweden, Nigeria and Greenland - armchair travel with a bucketload of popcorn... happy trails indeed. Interestingly we've unintentionally bookended the festival with two hugely influential bespectacled gentlemen of no small sartorial excellence: we kicked off with the Karl Lagerfeld documentary Lagerfeld Confidential, and we're bringing it home with Scott Walker - 30th Century Man.

So if hml is a little thin on the ground for the next week or so, you'll know why, and where to find us. Our very own 'happy place' - in the dark, with square eyes and greasy fingers.

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pen said...

I have soooo misssed yous
I was worried until I realised it was just a localised case of MIFFism.
Do you think you will have to go into popcorn rehab?
Walker's some crazy dude.