paper tigers
This is it folks, the one we've been waiting for: The Fold an exhibition of new work by HML favourite Nathan Gray. And we love it, not just because we love Nathan's work (and we do) but also cause it's really really local and we only have to cross the road to see the show.
The Fold runs from the 27th of July to the 17th of August at Joint Hassles
2a Mitchell Street Northcote 3071
Opening night :Friday the 27th 6-8pm,
then from Thursday til Saturday 12 - 5pm.

And because Nathan and his band of merry pranksters want to wow your ears as well as your eyes make sure you make it to one of the performaces on throughout of the show.

Sat 28th July 2pm halfman/halfmoffarah
electronic/vocal improvisation duo with Chris Hill
Sat 4th August 2pm snawklor
(electro acoustic/acoustic/field recordings/trumpets) the decade old musical collaboration with another HML fave, artistic multi-tasker extrodianaire Dylan Martorell
Sat 11th August 2pm the fold ensemble a trio that includes the superb soundscape stylings of Julie Burleigh and genius electro protege Blake Sonic Richardson-Gray.

AND If you feel like making a comparative analysis of the paper scene you have one week to see things from a distincly NYC perspective in PAPER SWORDS at Third Drawer Down Gallery in St. Kilda. The show has been c0-curated with Brooklyn's Cinders Gallery and explores a current group of artists working primarily on paper, a medium that has been one of the gallery's main focuses. Artists include John Orth (see "flood" above), George Ferrandi, Kevin Hooyman, Matthew Feyld, Julien Langendorff, Zachary Rossman, Allyson Mellberg, Jeremy Taylor, Logan Macdonald, Justin Williams, Kelie Bowman, Diane Barcelowsky and Sto, all part of a generation that has embraced simple tools such as pencil, pen, paint, and collage with influences from the usual suspects of comics, popular culture, punk rock, and psychedelia. Cinders Gallery is an artist-run space that has existed in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn for 3 years.


Anonymous said...

Just got my three thousand in the inbox and of course The Fold was right up there in the 'cool' section. Once again you ladies prove that you are always way ahead of the pack. Nice to know i'm in with the in crowd.

Liana said...

Oh I haven't stopped by in a while and I have to say that I am loving the new banner!

handmadelife said...

why thanks liana,
as always we're happy to get some positive vibes from up north!
hope all is well in kabelville and with the rest of the umbrella gang.