after weeks of hard slog it was really nice to get back to something as simple a bit of knitting by the telly (yes too many movies are not enough - square eyes barry they call me) as you read this dear readers I will be winging my way to WA to deliver this simple lace scarf to its recipient. I hope she likes it!
It's funny knitting for someone you haven't met before and I worry a little that it's too much of an OTT gesture - especially since I'm not the best knitter in the world(Im hoping the wood pin will make up for that!) Gift giving is a tricky thing sometimes. But hey, she's flown all the way from England and will be returning to a chilly Autumn (and possibly floods) so a little warmth won't go astray. And who doesn't like blue?

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Anonymous said...

That is some very lovely lacework.
Did you use a pattern?
And if so where from, i'd like to try that one myself.