groovy gurus!
HML headed out with high hair and last friday night with hep cats and hot rodders for the launch of the Mid Century Modern exhibition at OUTRE Gallery. Heidi might be Ramona's spiritual home, but Outre's free opening night tiki bar is definately Beck's, so really it was required viewing.
It was a huge night of outsider excellence with newly minted original paintings by goateed maestro of finger snapping cool Derek Yaniger, clean modernist cocktail inspried interiors by Shag and sleek and sexy robot girls by Keeth Weisner...
...there were also wicked ice maidens by Lynne Naylor, delerious amobeic monsters by HML fave Tim Biskup and studiously hep beatnik doodles by local ex Bachelor from Prague (oh yes we're showing our ID's loving old selves here) ... Jeff Raglus. Top show really, we only wished we had the serious cash to match our serious wishlist.
The exhibition in on for two weeks only then it hits Sydney on the 17th, it's well worth a look if you feel the need for some bongo fueled space madness. Lucky Sydneysiders might be still be in the running to join the royal order of hipsters at the exclusive cocktail party launch being held at ubercool Rose Seidler house.

Melbournites on the other hand will have make do with a drive by through Ivanhoe and Kew in home-made leopard print fez...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip, I tried to get some tickets to the cocktail party but THEY HAVE SOLD OUT!
I guess we will have to make do with some cocktails in our own loungeroom.