sleepy bo-bo's vs. the night terrors.

Dell Stewart and Adam Cruickshank are really brilliant and super cool Melbourne arteests who sometimes work collaboratively under the moniker Sleep Club. For the next few weeks you can enjoy their open-ended exploration into slumber at their exhibition in the aptly titled gallery de jour Utopian Slumps. Taking the form of an imaginary club house for invisible somnambulists, the entire gallery space has been transformed into a pillow-laden dreamland, complete with double bed, flickering animations and bedazzled pillowcases. You'll be happy to know that they also come highly rated by the reigning queen of textile craft Miss Penelope Durston, a recommendation hard to ignore. It sounds and looks most excellent and these two really do produce great, witty, work. We're so excited in fact that we're actually clearing a bit of space in the schedule to head on down to Easey street, Horlicks filled thermos in hand to take a nap amongst the artworks.

DEAD TO THE WORLD until July 22nd.

5/25 Easey Street, Collingwood.
Fridays and Saturdays 12-6pm
or by appointment t: 0401 324 148

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Anonymous said...

Dare I say that this week's exhibition looks... dreamy?