stemming the tide

"Through my jewellery I dream of a paradise garden, overgrown with strange but somehow familiar large-leafed plants. Sometimes this place seems very far removed from life in this world, so my love for it endures and it's importance grows. Among the parts of the jewellery-plants that I make there may be Leaves, Flowers or Fruit - but it is the Stem that joins them all together. From the Stem, everything emanates." David Neale.

We love Mr Neale.

So much so in fact thatwe couldnt' help but buy up big at his"dopple-hangers" exhibition last year. These are Becks...

and these are Ramona's...

STEMS by David Neale July 03 - July 28
at Gallery Funaki, 4 Crossley St. Melbourne

By the way - it opens tonight, if you want to get along and see him for yourself.

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Anonymous said...

Lucky Ducks. Being out of towners we missed our chance.