We're spinning around, move out of our way.

well as promised here is a selection of some of the highlights of the Melbourne Scarf Festival Launch and from the top we have:

early birds picking through the selection in the Scarf Market
the alchemy boys behind the virtual wheels of steel,
top banana at Craft Vic, Director Kevin Murray,
more color coded perfection by Curator Kate Rhodes,
and of course us, pulling our best "what another opening?" art scene faces

it was packed, it was noisy, and at one point gallery three was overrun by a band of amateur balladeers...
really it was quite a night.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that banana is hilarious!

handmadelife said...

we know we know! It had us cracking up in a very unfashionable way.Is there anything funnier than plastic bendy fruit? Mind you, Dr Murray is well known for being a snappy dresser and as for hml..those idiot girls you see at openings that talk thru the speeches and drink the champagne...well that's us my dears!

kirsten said...

LOVE that photo with the art/fart snob looks! classic. i am chuckling away here rugged up in a very unfashionable fashion on this cold, wet sunday in melbourne. thanks for the laugh.