who's house?
The event of the week surely is not the opening of the guggenheim exhibition (although secretly clearly it is) but in fact the opening of the SPIN: The 2007 Melbourne Scarf Festival... The ladies will be there mix(master)ing it up with the textile hoi poloi and checking out the talent. The party officially gets started at 6pm and apparently there's even going to be a dj this year spinning out the beats from behind the wheels of steel.

We have to admit we've had a sneak peak at the entries, and with our love of the old school our we could'nt go past this truly awesome knitted oversize bling by Shio Otani. So fly that even Run could have been seen sportin' it in back in the day.

Melbourne Scarf Festival 28 June - 07 July at Craft Victoria,

31 Flinders Lane Melbourne 10-5.30pm Tuesday to Saturday.


Peta said...

Just stumbled on your blog today. There seems to be aplethora of groovy crafting americans, buttry and limit a web search to Australia, and you start to struggle!! Thanks for the inspiration.

handmadelife said...

Hi Peta, and thanks so much for the props! Contrary to your websearch results there actually are a stack of great australian craftsters with blogs out there - try our links, espcially poppalina, davernatar, the umbrella collective, georgie love and mel robson's feffakoonkan as a starting point, then you can start exploring their links and who knows where you'll end up.
Good luck blog hunting!!