speed queens
As you may be aware, we ladies have got ourselves one mother load of old knitwear with the intention of getting all warm and fuzzy over winter. But of course after the initial excitment of our overexcited buying frenzy died down we realised we now had to felt up the buggers ready for making. Given the numbers we'd managed to collect we it also dawned upon us that it would probably take us the rest of winter to get them felted up by hand. Enter our beautiful laundrette.

We headed straight for the heavy duty double loaders and got busy throwing as many jumpers into the machines as would fit. Only to discover that we may have had a bag full of 20cent pieces but exactly zero of the required dollar coins. Yes folks it has been quite a while between public laundering excursions.

After a quick dash across the road to score both some lemon tarts and the correct change we managed to get them all washed up in the cheapest laundry powder we could find (see below for the hml tick of approval) . A remarkably quick and easy process, for once.

We then took a wee trip down memory lane with the excellently named and Brooklyn made dryer de jour...

...and then amused ourselves for the next hour watching the tumble dryer hypnotically swirling the knitwear like a hokey psychadelic light show. Not a bad mornings work really!

They've come up a treat, so now we're off 'deconstructing' them, hopefully we'll have come up with something worth posting by next week.


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aww, that makes me homesick!