beady little eyes
Spanish born/Scotland based artist Dani Malti blew the ladies of hml away with his new monumental work at Arc One Gallery in Flinders Lane (right next to Craft Victoria). The amount of patience and dedication it would take to create these works makes us believe he is a crafter at heart. They had such depth - some were random locks of beads, others were gridlike and rigorous in their patternmaking.
It occured to us that it's often the case with craft that you amass alot of one material and then you look at it for a long long time before beginning the making process. Perhaps you work out a 'production line' - thinking that you can make 50 of the one object leaning towards a sort of one person manufacturing factory. Maybe the difference between craft and art practice sometimes is that the en masse view of materials leads down different paths.
Also not to be missed (well not if you can avoid it - is it just us or does RMIT sometimes feel so far away?) is the new Jenny Watson show Material Evidence: Works on Fabric at Storey Hall. We know it runs til June 9 but that is closer than you think so get on the tram, we are certainly going to try. Watsons work is so beautiful and poetic - we will try and put all her professional jealousy aside and report back with a glowing review...

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